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Bulk Services

Bulk Services

Bulk Domain Registration

Register multiple domain names at once with our convenient bulk registration interface. Apply registrant details and DNS settings in bulk before heading to the Check Out page.

Bulk Domain Transfer

If you're moving multiple domains to us, click here to enter your full domain list along with their authorization/EPP codes to complete the verification in bulk and start all of the transfers at the same time.

Bulk Domain Renewal

Renew multiple domains for any term you'd like. Just check the domain names and select the number of years to renew them to place them in the Shopping Cart. If you have some domain names you need to renew for a longer or shorter term, just repeat the process to add the domains to your Cart before going to the Check Out.

Bulk DNS Update

You can update the DNS information for multiple domains using the Bulk DNS Update feature. Enter the nameservers to be applied, then click the check box beside each domain that will use them. You can place the Bulk DNS Update section between Bulk Domain Renewal and Bulk Lock Update.

Bulk Lock Update

Bulk updates to the Whois Privacy settings, domain lock and autorenew status can be made using the List Actions drop-down on the My Domains page. Simply check the domains you want to lock or unlock, then select the appropriate List Actions item, then click Go to make the update instantly.

Bulk Whois Privacy Update

Whois Privacy Updates can also be made in bulk on the My Domains page. Once arriving at your domain list, check any domains you need to modify the privacy settings for, then select either Enable or Disable Whois Privacy before clicking Go.

Bulk Autorenew Update

You can set the autorenew status for domains in bulk from the My Domains page as well. Check any domains you wish to adjust the autorenew settings for, then select either Enable or Autorenew before clicking Go. You will be brought to the Autorenew Status screen where you can confirm the settings of each domain.

Bulk Contact Update

To update the contact information for multiple domains, click on one of the domains you need to edit on the My Domains list, and then click Edit Domain Contact Information on the next screen. You will be given the option of applying the changes to multiple domains.