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Exchange Email

Exchange Email

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ConnectedStay Connected and Secure

  • All the features of Microsoft Outlook without a desktop machine.
  • Never delete an email again with 100GB of space per inbox standard
  • Send 1000-page Word documents or 500 PDF files at once with up to 50MB per email.
  • Nightly backups with a 14 day rollback.
  • Maintain privacy with no pop-ups or ads.
  • Set up unlimited aliases.
  • Maintain complete virus and spam control from your admin area.
  • 98% of unwanted emails eliminated before delivery.
  • Stay secure with Secure SSL and TLS encryption on all connections.
  • Email Archiving option available for your compliance needs.
  • Recover deleted emails and email boxes.
Control Panel

Maintain Efficient Access

  • Maintain access anywhere you go with the Microsoft Exchange webmail client
  • Support for desktop clients like Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Mac Mail and Thunderbird
  • Get your email on the go with access on your Blackberry, iPhone, Android, or Windows Mobile Device.
  • Send and receive emails with professional naming.
  • Manage and share tasks with ease.
  • Create group contacts that can be shared amongst all Exchange users.
  • Share Microsoft Exchange calendars for simple scheduling of meetings and sessions.
  • Search through multiple mailboxes at once.
  • Supports GZIP compression.
  • Maintain a global access list and create rules to ensure that you only receive the emails you want to.
Webmail Interface

We know how much your email means to your business, so if you ever have any questions about your Microsoft Exchange service, we are always available to help you, by phone or by email.

Even with automatic synchronization and setup, we know you might need some help managing your Microsoft Exchange account. Our Help Section can help you get the answers you need, when you need them.

Our Microsoft Exchange service is backed by a robust platform that provides 100% uptime as per SLA.* When you need your email accounts and calendars to function reliably, you can rest assured that our systems will be able to meet any demand.

Signing up for an Exchange email package is risk free since we back up our service with a 100% satisfaction Money Back Guarantee!

Our Exchange system is backed up by our robust Cloud system to provide exceptional uptime and flexibility, all at an affordable price and supported with a knowledgeable staff able to respond to any inquiry.

Exchange hosting is specialized for businesses that require a robust email service for rapid and efficient communication. Set up specifically for remote access over multiple devices, it has superior automation and connectivity, which allows you to focus more on your business and less on your email system. In addition, if your business needs to preserve all emails for compliance purposes, our exchange hosting provides all the space you require to keep all emails you receive.

Our Cloud system will allocate resources based on the demand on the Exchange server, dedicating more resources to accounts with heavier traffic. This ensures that other accounts on the server are not slowed and the account that is receiving higher traffic remains quick. In addition to the superior service of our Cloud backbone, we also ensure that the data is backed up at regular intervals to meet your company's compliance requirements.

Upon receiving the Welcome Letter containing your username and password, you can log in to start creating email accounts immediately. Once the accounts have been set up, you can use the automatic setup feature of our exchange system to get your desktop and mobile devices connected. One of the benefits of Microsoft's Exchange Platform is that most email clients, including mobile devices, provide a simple setup wizard to get the account configured quickly. Once your email is configured on the Exchange system, just select Exchange in the email options section of your favoured email client, and follow the instructions to start receiving mail anywhere you'd like.

Our spam and virus protection provides multiple layers of detection to keep your inbox free of harmful email at no extra cost. You can select exactly how sensitive you want your filters to be, and what to do with spam email when it arrive. Combined with your own section for blacklisting and whitelisting email and IP addresses, you have total control over your account.

The online help section is available through our Knowledge Base section. Our Exchange section provides instructions for all aspects of your account, as well as guides for setup and customization.